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really nyc? aka, pick on someone your own size

Let me begin by saying that perhaps due to my German heritage, I not only understand, but in most cases, deeply appreciate, the implementation of precise guidelines aimed at creating order. But sometimes, it’s really meritless and annoying.
Two Sundays ago, we got a ticket for our sandwich board.
The details of the violation are as follows:
At time and place of occurrence I did observe an A-frame on the curb obstructing the pedestrian pathway.
While I sort of like the hilarious way that is expressed- animating the A-frame into some sort of  line backer intentionally obstructing innocent pedestrians at will- doesn’t the Environmental Control Board have more pressing things to ‘observe’?
Regardless, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize:  if you have ever felt personally obstructed by the inconsiderate placement of our 2 foot sandwich board on our 13 foot sidewalk- we are truly sorry! We would also like to take this time to apologize on behalf of  the City of New York and the USPS for obstructing your pedestrian pathway in precisely the same way- selfish street trees and mail transfer boxes!

looking north- offending sandwich board in foreground, tree and transfer box
behind- just waiting to inconvenience you.

looking south, offending sandwich board in foreground with trees in line,
actually just minding their own business.

Thats why the sandwich board is now awkwardly placed within 3 feet from the front of the building, ie where it totally defeats the purpose of having a sandwich board.

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