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a bevy of peter scibetta chests

It’s really exciting to have recently received a number of one-of-a-kind handcrafted chests from Brooklyn artist Peter Scibetta. I met Peter about a year ago  through a former Golden Calf employee and friend, also a Brooklyn artist, Sam Kalda. Peter and Sam work together at the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City. If you have not been there- go! If not for the amazing exhibit that is surely on display, then for the museum’s tranquil and am-i-in-new-york-? garden.
Amongst many other things, Peter makes finely crafted small furniture. Miniature furniture, not as in doll house, but as in pieces ranging from stools to side tables to chests. Peter’s sense for combining materials is artistic and inspired to say the least. He uses many reclaimed materials (often left-behinds from the hardware store that once occupied the ground floor of his Williamsburg home) from wood as varied as walnut and pine to rubber floor tiles to birch-tree branches and trunks. Though he uses recycled components, his creations are new, fresh and lively. Some have an almost animated quality. And not last, nor least, they are functional, begging use and interaction- HOORAH! They’re great! Come by and check them out…..
PICTURED: 23” cube chest: reclaimed pine and rubber floor tiles; $800.00; available now!

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