Golden Calf is a furniture and home accessories store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Having opened in 2002 as Small Handsome, Golden Calf has undergone a number of permutations and has occupied a number of storefronts. Though we may have confused some customers along the way (particularly, during our ‘Motherload at Small Handsome’ stage) we never did leave Wythe Avenue! In the spring of 2009 we relocated from our former home on the corner of North Sixth Street to our workshop space just down the road. We are now nestled in on the Southside- only a block away from our original location, and in spitting distance of our friends on Williamsburg’s ‘furniture row’.

At Golden Calf you can still find, if perhaps slightly schizophrenic, a well composed mix of home furnishings and accessories. Having no staunch design philosophy besides that you should surround yourself with things you like, we draw on influences from where ever we can get our hands on them. From simple Chinese country pieces to popular Danish modern favorites, from locally handcrafted benches to upholstery reinvented with new fabrics and designs, variety is the common thread. Big and small, we look for inventory that is eye-catching but subtle enough to stand the test of time. We like items that are in it for the long haul- both in terms of quality and style. Whether it’s a pair of  mid century Czech club chairs or an intricately carved wooden Japanese spinning top , we hope there is something new -or ‘old’- to suit everyone’s taste.

Golden Calf puts stock in good combinations and new twists.
We take comfort in natural materials, traditional methods and handicraft.
We appreciate the everyday object and value its nuances.
Of course not everything can be both beautiful and functional but, we try.

We also offer a number of design services. Please ask us about how we can help you with your home design projects involving: UPHOLSTERY, FURNITURE REFINISHING & REPAIR, CANING AND CUSTOM DESIGN/BUILD work.