(public) art to see in new york city

It’s now pretty officially summer in New York City.  And there are plenty of things to do and see outside and for free (a winning combination in my book). So, starting downtown and moving north might I suggest…..

1. Sol Lewitt: Structures 1965-2006 in City Hall Park. http://sollewitt.publicartfund.org/site/welcome/
As if Bloomberg didn’t have it all already, he now gets to look at  15 of Sol Lewitt’s Structures from his office window. On view through December 3rd so you’ve still got some time- but if you’re lazy now just imagine the state of affairs in late August…..

2. Ai Weiwei: Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads in Central Park’s Grand Army Plaza. http://www.zodiacheads.com/
Ai Weiwei’s first major public art exhibition and it’s right here! 800 pound cast bronze zodiac animal heads! They’re impressive even without the backstory and Ai Weiwei’s contemporary political significance. You’re going to have to hoof it a little to make this one though- these guys are going on tour July 15th.

3. JR and members of the Hunts Point Community  in collaboration with The Point, Hunts Point, the Bronx.
And up in the Bronx- be sure to check out the latest project spearheaded by French street artist JR and members of the Hunts Point community. Large scale ‘modified’ photos of community members pasted throughout Hunts Point highlighting the important role that woman play as the eyes of the community. If you’ve seen coverage of any of JRs past work you know this is well worth a visit. If you need convincing, have a look at this: http://blog.ted.com/2010/10/20/meet-jr/ YUP, see what I mean?
Hopefully these pieces will be up for a long time but there are no guarantees- might as well get inspired now.

These three examples are but a small fraction of what there is to take in around here. Now go- it’s all but a subway-ride, bike-ride or walk away. Amazing.

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