upholstery post #4

Here are a couple of before & after pictures from past upholstery projects- in no particular order…..






crazy (but sort of awesome)




stiff vinyl!



That’s a pretty quiet but very handsome group. Hopefully it gave you some ideas-
the options are endless!

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don’t worry williamsburg, your seat is saved

Better safe than sorry on Bedford Ave.
Because when you want to sit down, you need your chair.

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upholstery post #3

Josef Frank print, take 2!
This time in blues and greens on a stately mahogany divan.



the details…..





Handsome AND whimsical, a motto we can all aspire to…..

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it’s pretty hot here at golden calf

and we’re all feeling it:

but some of us are handling it better…

… than others …


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new stuff, sneak preview…..

Miss Lady Cross Stitch

and friends….

more in the shop….pictures soon!

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cooking with kenny

Miss this face?

Kenny of Brick Oven Gallery and Kenny’s Trattoria

Or at least the cavatelli with broccoli rabe and the most generous arugula salad this side of the Newtown Creek?
Then, you’re in luck- Kenny is the ‘guest chef’ at Pinkerton wine bar – 263 North Sixth Street at Havemeyer St in Williamsburg. He will be cooking up a storm for the duration of The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (the pride of Williamsburg!) running from July 6th to July 17th. While you may be tempted by the drinks with the really long straws, the copious amounts of fried dough and the miraculously incorporated oreo cookies or the clams! peppers and onions! fried! dough! – do check out the feast for the tshirts, the really big chair that makes you look really small and 112 men carrying around a very large boat with a statue on it. But go see Kenny for food.

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upholstery post #2

Carolyn and Ben picked this uniquely detailed not-too-big wing chair from, lets call it- ‘The Golden Calf Vintage Frame Collection.’ With the help of a well chosen fabric -on their part- it turned into a handsome hybrid with the perfect balance of new & old, masculine & feminine, reading & watching. Check out the before, during and after:

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really nyc? aka, pick on someone your own size

Let me begin by saying that perhaps due to my German heritage, I not only understand, but in most cases, deeply appreciate, the implementation of precise guidelines aimed at creating order. But sometimes, it’s really meritless and annoying.
Two Sundays ago, we got a ticket for our sandwich board.
The details of the violation are as follows:
At time and place of occurrence I did observe an A-frame on the curb obstructing the pedestrian pathway.
While I sort of like the hilarious way that is expressed- animating the A-frame into some sort of  line backer intentionally obstructing innocent pedestrians at will- doesn’t the Environmental Control Board have more pressing things to ‘observe’?
Regardless, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize:  if you have ever felt personally obstructed by the inconsiderate placement of our 2 foot sandwich board on our 13 foot sidewalk- we are truly sorry! We would also like to take this time to apologize on behalf of  the City of New York and the USPS for obstructing your pedestrian pathway in precisely the same way- selfish street trees and mail transfer boxes!

looking north- offending sandwich board in foreground, tree and transfer box
behind- just waiting to inconvenience you.

looking south, offending sandwich board in foreground with trees in line,
actually just minding their own business.

Thats why the sandwich board is now awkwardly placed within 3 feet from the front of the building, ie where it totally defeats the purpose of having a sandwich board.

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upholstery post #1

This is the first of what will be an ongoing series of posts including both client and store-bound upholstery projects to give you an idea of what is possible in the world of reinventing new finds and old favorites…

Starting with a smallish piece, behold: the rocking chair. This great old rocker had been in the family for a while but, a little overcome by events, it begged an update. In this case, Brooke and Josh wanted to enliven the frame as well as the fabric so we gave it a two prong overhaul.
1. Wood: Stripped and given a clean wax finish even the simple grain of this poplar frame livened up.
2. Upholstery: They chose a great Josef Frank print on linen which pretty much speaks for itself. We followed the original upholstery patterning, replacing some panels that were once caning, with fabric.
And there you have it….from (well loved) American Gothic to (undeniable optimistic) Swedish Modern…

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(public) art to see in new york city

It’s now pretty officially summer in New York City.  And there are plenty of things to do and see outside and for free (a winning combination in my book). So, starting downtown and moving north might I suggest…..

1. Sol Lewitt: Structures 1965-2006 in City Hall Park. http://sollewitt.publicartfund.org/site/welcome/
As if Bloomberg didn’t have it all already, he now gets to look at  15 of Sol Lewitt’s Structures from his office window. On view through December 3rd so you’ve still got some time- but if you’re lazy now just imagine the state of affairs in late August…..

2. Ai Weiwei: Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads in Central Park’s Grand Army Plaza. http://www.zodiacheads.com/
Ai Weiwei’s first major public art exhibition and it’s right here! 800 pound cast bronze zodiac animal heads! They’re impressive even without the backstory and Ai Weiwei’s contemporary political significance. You’re going to have to hoof it a little to make this one though- these guys are going on tour July 15th.

3. JR and members of the Hunts Point Community  in collaboration with The Point, Hunts Point, the Bronx.
And up in the Bronx- be sure to check out the latest project spearheaded by French street artist JR and members of the Hunts Point community. Large scale ‘modified’ photos of community members pasted throughout Hunts Point highlighting the important role that woman play as the eyes of the community. If you’ve seen coverage of any of JRs past work you know this is well worth a visit. If you need convincing, have a look at this: http://blog.ted.com/2010/10/20/meet-jr/ YUP, see what I mean?
Hopefully these pieces will be up for a long time but there are no guarantees- might as well get inspired now.

These three examples are but a small fraction of what there is to take in around here. Now go- it’s all but a subway-ride, bike-ride or walk away. Amazing.

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