golden calf takes a little holiday

After 9 years of really feeling like we should be open over the Fourth of July weekend and after 9 years of watching the tumbleweeds tumble down Wythe Avenue on said weekend, we’ve decided to take this one off.

We will resume our regular business hours on Wednesday July 6th. See you then!

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reasons to still love new york

Clean and Sweet: Free gifts from your neighbors hanging on the fence!

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khall candles back in stock

Our popular ‘k. hall designs’ scented candles are back in stock.
These 60 hour burning candles are hand poured in Missouri. The 100% vegetable wax blend is made from renewable resources grown by American farmers. The cotton wick burns cleanly and the wax blend has ‘superior fragrance holding capabilities that allows the scent to radiate further.’ Plus they smell good while NOT giving you weird-chemical-scented-candle headaches. And they come with a neat aluminum top so they don’t get dusty in between uses. That might be a little OCD but, lets face it, that’s annoying. Finally, when you’re done, they clean up perfectly for reuse as an outdoor tea light holder or a pretty decent tumbler. At $25.00 a pop you’ve got your bases covered. Waste not, want not!

Oh- right now we have: VERBENA: fresh, zingy citrus;  EGYPTIAN JASMIN: clean floral- the oil of love!;  CYPRESS and CASSIS : a little smokey, a little sweet – the scent ladies and gentlemen agree on;  MOSS: i know, sounds like ‘rain.’ so it doesn’t really smell like moss per say -its sandalwood with a crispy green edge…. another unisex winner!

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bumper to bumper

Brooklyn, June 29, 2011, 11:45 am: blue skies
Williamsburg Bridge:  city-bound, bumper to bumper traffic
You should probably ride your bike today.

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